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 Are you in Love? Lucas is

Lucas also set us up with a Youtube Channel. Subscribers are more than welcome. There will be a consistent flow of new videos slated for release every single Thursday.

There was a new Someone Else’s Stories released last week. Something about Dylan and his friend riding their bikes and talking about wildfires and girls. Look forward to the video accompaniment this week!

A new The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries is slated for this Thursday! Tune in, clock your dials, any and all of that jazz.

This will be one of the slower weeks over here at Spellabee Space. Lucas and Dylan are working vigorously on some larger projects and collaborations for the benefit of Spellabee. You will soon be in the know, and hopefully as excited as we both are.


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 A day late never hurt anybody.

I am in Love, The Pathetic and Elegant’s debut album, got a wonderful write up over at Spacerockmountain just the other day. Check it out here.”. . .a seamless blending of lo-fi bedroom pop with awkward lines sung with sincerity. . .incredibly unique and compelling. . .” See what he means by listening to it over on our bandcamp page.

The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries released his new episode “Hotels Near Youtube” last Thursday. It’s also up on Itunes! Subscribe to it here!

Rachel Hayden bestowed us with some lovely art. 6, 74, and 36 are all up now.

Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis is releasing both a new short story this Wednesday, as well as a new segment for Someone Else’s Stories this Thursday. Forgive him for hogging the spotlight. He did not know he was doing so until he wrote this.

We’re looking into getting Tumblr here soon, but meanwhile, we’d love it if you checked out our Twitter. Or our Youtube Channel.

Also, if you’re into Spotify, follow us on there. See what we here at Spellabee are listening to, and suggest us some music while you’re at it!


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The Altar has two brand new collections of visual art scheduled for release this week.

Two new visual pieces from W. Jack Savage, the youthful yet antiquated “The Chimney Sock”, and the mysterious “The Squatting Man”! You can view them by clicking here, or by selecting his trademark located at the top of this page.

Our next release is slated for this Saturday (09/13), and is from somewhat of a veteran here on Spellabee Space, Rachel Hayden. We will update with a link upon the release of her pieces, but if your interest is piqued, venture into our archives and check out some of her previous work.

I Am In Love, The Pathetic and Elegant’s new album has been released. We would give you everything if you would stream it and consider purchasing it here.

The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries” will be releasing another track this Thursday, so please be sure to check in, and more importantly, subscribe! The first track of Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis’ podcast “Someone Else’s Stories” was released last Thursday, so be sure to listen to that as well. The schedule for both of our podcasts is set to alternate every Thursday. We also have a Youtube Channel being set up for our podcasts, so you can listen to them there with the added dynamic of video. Oh and hey, we got this Twitter account that we’d love for you to follow and bother us on.

A milestone occurred here at Spellabee; Lucas and Dylan got a brand new buttonmaker! This means that our cadet pins are available. So submit to The Altar so you can receive an “Honorary Cadet Pin” and become an official member not only of The Altar but of our Spellabee Space community

Actual Photo of the “Honorary Cadet” pin on Dylan’s desk:

Honorary Cadet

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