TPAEFS 001: Our One Track

Welcome to the first episode of “The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries” a bi-weekly music podcast where Lucas brings you tracks that he’s made from the past, present and future! To kick things off we are taking you all the way back to the Summer of 2012 to a collaboration done between Lucas Fisher and Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis. This track was made before Spellabee Space was even a twinkle in either of their eyes.

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Listen and enjoy!

Keep your heart in it.


Returning Home

Lucas and Dylan will be romping around their hometown in the middle of August. It looks like The Pathetic and Elegant are going to have their first live show in a small coffee shop, The Borjo Coffee House, in Norfolk, VA on the night of the 15th. The show starts at 7pm, where Adam Carson Hales will be opening the set with some stand-up. We hope you come and join us.

Our podcasts (Dylan’s Someone Else’s Stories (A Tabernacle), and Lucas’ The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries)  will be debuting around the same time, so check back so we can load you up with all the information on that.


Within the next month look forward to forthcoming news concerning The Pathetic and Elegant’s new album.