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“Is your name Calico because you do not know what you are made of”

I Am In Love got a write-up! It was another exciting week for Spellabee Space. The Pathetic and Elegant (and Spellabee) were complimented over at The Modern Folk, a music blog based out of Portland, Oregon. Check out the review right here.

A new episode of The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries. No telling where Lucas will go with it this week.

New vidcast to accompany Someone Else’s Stories episode from last week, “So Tragic”.  Dylan’s girlfriend is home. She will be in this one, that is if she agrees to be.

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. . .

Let me take you home, let me fit you in my home

Maybe you’ll like all the people that I’ve known

. . .

I still cannot believe the quality of that view




Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 4.05.30 PM

“This is the place which lies between places”

Lucas’ thesis is being realized. This blueprint is the foundation of much, much more to come.

New episode of Someone Else’s Stories on Thursday. Dylan’s performing his own music this time. A shout out to Olympia Noise Co. They have designed this beautiful app for the Iphone, dot Melody. It allows someone without inherent groove to make groovy music.

Lucas will be making a vidcast for last week’s installment of The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries,“For Tonight”. Dylan remembers the first time he heard this song. It was long before the feelings that culminated in Lucas to influence the creation of I Am In Love, or it seems like it at least.

Speaking of which. . .

If I wanted to be alone I could have done that in states that I call home

. . .

Remember to adore a Fatcat




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Give us something unique and personal. Something that you feel is hard to place or publish elsewhere, but that you feel is deserving of exaltation and appreciation. Lucas and Dylan tend to make a lot of art like this, and have quite an inclination toward it. Try us.

A new episode this Thursday of The Pathetic and Elegant’s Future Sorries! Also look forward to a vidcast for Someone Else’s Stories last episode, “Fatcat”.

One more week until the reveal of our (primarily Lucas’) large and somewhat intimidating project. Hang on with us!

Also, there may be news coming toward Spellabee making an appearance (our first booth) at MICA’s Art Fair in Baltimore, Maryland.

Let’s throw glitter in the air and make art out of French braided hair

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and. . .

Lucas celebrates


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