New Work from our friend over in Richmond, VA, Coffee Spit! In less than a week, we will be presenting the first podcast in our two bi-weekly series, Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis’ Someone Else’s Stories (A Tabernacle). P.S. More exciting news forthcoming on The Pathetic And Elegant’s new album. Submit to The Altar!

Tyler Cartwright

New work from Tyler Cartwright? Check it out over in the The Altar! Reminder: The Pathetic and Elegant will be playing a show at Borjo Coffeehouse in Norfolk, VA on the 15th of August.

Returning Home

Lucas and Dylan will be romping around their hometown¬†in the middle of August. It looks like The Pathetic and Elegant are going to have their first live show in a small coffee shop, The Borjo Coffee House, in Norfolk, VA on the night of the 15th. The show starts at 7pm, where Adam Carson Hales […]