I’m working on trying to layer phasers (if that’s what you call them) of noise from my window into loop. It’s a weird process. You’re listening to sounds you hear all of the time, one of the days being rainy, the other being dry, and the last being at night. The world emits the same sounds, but then there are all somehow different.

Hopefully you guys will see this project culminate by the end of the week.

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Help get Cool Daddio Made! R. Stevie Moore is a hero of Lucas and I’s. We love him to death.

Here’s a link to the kickstarter

Cool Daddio

They’re about halfway there!

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Also, listen to R. Stevie Moore’s song “Moons“. It changed me, I can say it.

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Read Prayers: Volume 1

Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis new short story collection

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