Have I been neglectful? Perhaps.

I feel like I haven’t properly been updating the site in a while. I apologize to anyone who reads this stuff. It’s weird, I’m sure. You’re thinking about whether or not this whole thing is dead or not.

It isn’t.

It’s only just begun.

You’ll just have to sort of work with me on my more manic periods with updating Spellabee properly. I think there’s good and positive work to develop out of it. I talk to Lucas on the phone every few weeks and Spellabee is constantly of topic.

There’s a lot to come.

Also, Lucas and I are going to work on streamlining this front page better.

And a tumblr may very well be in our near future.

. . .

I’m trying to see if I can come up with some piece to match Hollis Frampton’s “Nostalgia” film. I find this thing really, really special.

Here’s a youtube link to the first part of the film:

. . .

Please submit any and all creative work to “The Altar“. We’d love to see some fresh submissions.

. . .

Remember to read

Prayers: Volume 1

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