The newsletters were dead there, for awhile. Lucas and I were doing other shit, plainly put. Other shit as in mostly other shit for Spellabee. We also both went through weird personal troubles we won’t tell you about until one dark night when we have actually met you in person.

I’m hoping to start doing one of these babies every week. Lucas will guest on some.

We have stuff to look forward to, such as: my first single, Lucas’ new album, and my virtual installation based around the quintessential character of ‘Lisa Webber’ from the (best) Nightmare on Elm Street film, Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.

Let me get you a little caught up with what’s been released lately:

Lucas’ new podcast

Keeping It Nice With James and Luke


Luke and his buddy James (a charming guy, I met him last summer. See their episode Monster Mini Golf‘ for more info) experience, converse, and entertain on their podcast. Their various activities up unto this point include going to Baltimore Comic Con, Doing Bikram Yoga, and watching that shitty Jurassic whatever movie and giving it weirdly glowing, yet condescending reviews.

Follow/Watch/Listen to them on their/our Soundcloud

Keeping It Nice Podcast


Keeping It Nice Twitter

. . .

More will follow in the next month. Also, expect great family pictures when Lucas and I, along with other close friends, have our thanksgivings together.

. . .

Releases you have most likely yet to see

Prayers Volume 1

by Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis



I Am In Love

by The Pathetic and Elegant

Keep Your Heart In It.