Happy Halloween Spacers!

Dylan and I were just talking the other day about how we were more excited for Halloween this year than at any other point in our lives. I think it’s because as we’ve grown older we’ve come to appreciate the strange beauty that’s apart of Halloween. Needless to say when Dylan suggested that we make a Halloween themed single I jumped at the idea. A week later both of us had put together two songs, some kick ass cover art, and tremendous amount of excitement to show you all “Anything Can Happen On Halloween Vol. 1”. That’s right, it will be an annual thing from now on.

Keep Your Heart In It and “Show the world, let them know it’s. . . Halloween.”



Spellabee SpaceFinal

There’s something genuinely satisfying knowing that no matter how long it takes for us to put something new out that we’ve kept Spellabee Space going for a little over 2 years at this point. It’s two guys running this and we have day jobs and all the other excuses that people use, but even still we’ve managed to continuously put out stuff during that time. This year we’ve put out podcasts, one off projects, not 1 but 2 albums, and have started work on the next phase of Spellabee. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us and we sincerely hope that you’ll check in on us from time to time.

Keep Your Heart In It




The newsletters were dead there, for awhile. Lucas and I were doing other shit, plainly put. Other shit as in mostly other shit for Spellabee. We also both went through weird personal troubles we won’t tell you about until one dark night when we have actually met you in person.

I’m hoping to start doing one of these babies every week. Lucas will guest on some.

We have stuff to look forward to, such as: my first single, Lucas’ new album, and my virtual installation based around the quintessential character of ‘Lisa Webber’ from the (best) Nightmare on Elm Street film, Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge.

Let me get you a little caught up with what’s been released lately:

Lucas’ new podcast

Keeping It Nice With James and Luke


Luke and his buddy James (a charming guy, I met him last summer. See their episode Monster Mini Golf‘ for more info) experience, converse, and entertain on their podcast. Their various activities up unto this point include going to Baltimore Comic Con, Doing Bikram Yoga, and watching that shitty Jurassic whatever movie and giving it weirdly glowing, yet condescending reviews.

Follow/Watch/Listen to them on their/our Soundcloud

Keeping It Nice Podcast


Keeping It Nice Twitter

. . .

More will follow in the next month. Also, expect great family pictures when Lucas and I, along with other close friends, have our thanksgivings together.

. . .

Releases you have most likely yet to see

Prayers Volume 1

by Dylan McDonagh Richard Davis



I Am In Love

by The Pathetic and Elegant

Keep Your Heart In It.




Usually Dylan does the newsletters but I’m feeling the itch to write one. So here it is.  Do you guys like our newly designed site? We do and we hope that you do too.

Have you had the chance yet to check out our new podcast “Keeping It Nice With James and Luke“? You can listen on soundcloud, and iTunes. We went the full 9 on this one. And while we’re at it you also check out James’ twitter, he’s a new addition to the Spellabee family.

After months of talking about it we finally made an etsy shop, if you like pins, tapes, and the idea of future products being put on there you should check it out.

Other than that, you guys know the deal: Keep Your Heart In It





Have I been neglectful? Perhaps.

I feel like I haven’t properly been updating the site in a while. I apologize to anyone who reads this stuff. It’s weird, I’m sure. You’re thinking about whether or not this whole thing is dead or not.

It isn’t.

It’s only just begun.

You’ll just have to sort of work with me on my more manic periods with updating Spellabee properly. I think there’s good and positive work to develop out of it. I talk to Lucas on the phone every few weeks and Spellabee is constantly of topic.

There’s a lot to come.

Also, Lucas and I are going to work on streamlining this front page better.

And a tumblr may very well be in our near future.

. . .

I’m trying to see if I can come up with some piece to match Hollis Frampton’s “Nostalgia” film. I find this thing really, really special.

Here’s a youtube link to the first part of the film:

. . .

Please submit any and all creative work to “The Altar“. We’d love to see some fresh submissions.

. . .

Remember to read

Prayers: Volume 1

(It’s free. Take the chance!)

. . .